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Welcome to NTL Studios. 

NTL Studios, LLC was formed in 2009 and has grown from a couple of energetic actor types wanting to make a movie to a group of dedicated film professionals whose talents create great cinema. We strive to make the best films we can with the resources that we have, while never cutting corners on any aspect of production. 

With that in mind, our screenplays are written with an eye on 'do-ability'. If someone suggests we do a love story on Mars near an exploding volcano, that person is asked to go get the group another round of coffee.

I Hate David Mamet was our first, a ten minute, single shot, one take, masterstroke. We loved it and thought, 'Hell this wasn't so hard, let do something bigger". 

Yule Log was next, a twenty five minute, multi cam, multi shot, borrow money from the bank, catered sort of affair. We spared no expense and learned a valuable lesson: money is expensive.

We are now embarking on our first full length, The Real Crime. A full blown, big boy movie. And we can't wait.

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